The Return

There was this moment on the first leg of our return flight–Burlington to Newark–before we safely made the abruptly announced "precautionary landing" in Albany when I leaned up to my classmate Gene Brenek and said,"You know, if this plane crashes, it'll be great PR for the Vermont College of Fine Arts, what with two recent grads, a faculty member, and at least one other student on board." Happily, it didn't come to that. And we even made it home on our actual second flight, which had been delayed in a most fortuitous fashion.

Anyway, the graduation ceremony was lovely and fun and slightly disconcerting as all events with bagpipes must be (Martine gave such a great speech though, and Leda did such great readings for everyone, and Rita didn't decapitate us with our hoods), and I feel awfully lucky to have graduated in such fine company. Dorky berobed pictures to come. But to all the Revisionistas–Micol, and Gene, and Shawn, and Lynda, and Galen (AND dearie dear Kate, who will always be one of us one of us, no matter when she graduates)–y'all are all rock stars, and I'm so glad to know you. And that goes for all the fabulous other people I've met in my time at VCFA too, especially those of you I hardly got to jabber with this time around (Jess, Margaret, and Insert Name Here, I'm looking at you).

Dogs are crazed. Hemingway is mad. Peoples are exhausted. Laundry piles could be developing sentience. And I'm finding it much easier to develop the energy for little tweets than for posts, but I'm sure that'll pass as soon as I get a really, really good night's sleep. (Plus, with Monday being awards day, there'll be lots to post about!) I was largely kidding myself about having writing time at residency, of course, and find it's actually nice to have the revisions on the book to launch back into right away. AND I believe I've decided what I'm going to work on next, once those are done.

Never too much rest for the wicked,  as the ever-nebulous they have been known to say.

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  1. Sorry I missed you graduation night, but I’m glad you made it home in one piece! I ended up delayed overnight in Philly, where I washed out my socks in the sink. Congrats again!

  2. I’m so glad we had workshop together, and wish you so much luck with your final semester. Did you feel all Depressionista when you were doing the sink laundry?

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