Tuesday Hangovers

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. Two things:
    Thing 1: The Edward vs. Buffy bit made this gray day in Mississippi a bit brighter. Not vampire sparkly, though. More like werewolf sheeny.
    Thing 2: Have you been reading Buffy Season Eight? It’s occasionally very awesome and has been a help to me in these years post-Hellmouth.

  2. I have really and truly enjoyed Season Eight, even the parts that are less awesome, because it definitely captures the texture of the show right. I’m behind though, picking them up in trades as I remember. Any word on Angel Season Whichever (6?)? I’ve been curious about whether it’s worth picking up.

  3. If you are behind then there is much coolness ahead, including a fun crossover which I won’t spoil in case you remain blissfully unaware.
    As for Angel, it is season 6, and I can’t really say much besides I borrowed and read the first couple of issues which, while fun, didn’t wow me the way the Buffy comics have.

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