Tuesday Hangovers

  • I've broken out the Zicam spray, to stave off burgeoning cold but probably allergy-type stuff. Headachey. Could it be all that painting? The couch beckons, but sadly we must wait for Netflix to provide the next Life season one disc before the marathon can continue. All will be wellness by Thursday night when company arrives.
  • Go out and welcome Chris Barzak's second novel The Love We Share Without Knowing into the world–I hear it makes a great holiday gift. I can't wait to read it. See also: Chris does The Big Idea at Scalzi's joint.
  • Gavin has the good links, about Couch events and Kelly Link being interviewed by Lizzie Skurnick in a couple of weeks.
  • Christopher likes to map stuff, particularly stuff related to outlandish stories.
  • John Green's ALAN speech. It's a great speech (and not just because it touches on some of the same themes as my graduating lecture, either, though it will be nice to quote): "Too many times, we say to our young people, “Hey, read this. It’s a fun read. Not too serious, you know. None of that English stuff.” As if there is some kind of dichotomy between good and fun. As if Gatsby is oatmeal and vampires are Lucky Charms. Vampires, of course, ARE Lucky Charms—they are magical and delicious and just dangerous enough to excite me. I love vampires, and I love vampire books. And please know that I would never argue against putting books kids want to read in their hands. But I am arguing that we need to make space in our classes—no matter how advanced or remedial the students—for ambitious novels. Because good is not the opposite of fun. Smart is not the opposite of fun. Boring is the opposite of fun, and when we create the smart/fun dichotomy, what we end up implying is that Gatsby is boring."
  • Sara Ryan posts an excerpt from her dad's SF fanzine, autumn/winter 1957 issue.
  • Justine has some questions for signing attendees.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. I may have cheated and downloaded all of the episodes so far. I lack patience with Netflix for tv shows. It’s funny because it’s totally lacking in forensics (and the other shows I watch regularly tend to be mostly about forensics), but that’s okay because that’s not what the show is about. And I Love it.

  2. How weird. I had never heard of this “Life” show until a couple of weeks ago. Right now, thanks to Hulu, I eagerly await the next new episode. I’m sooooo picky about the mysteries I love, but this one has hit all the right chords. And now I find out other people like it too? Fabulous.
    Gwenda Bond, this is one of the many reasons I appreciate your blog so much. Thanks for keeping with it.

  3. I’m too lazy for that downloading stuff. Also, for figuring out how to transfer from computron to method I can watch on our awesome TV set-up. I’m pretty picky about watching stuff under my ideal conditions.
    Yay, more Life fans!

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