I hate it when deadlines attack all at once. I’ve got a lecture to think out and write, a Dear Aunt Gwenda column to finish, a workshop submission to generate (20 pages of new fiction… I’m thinking now is the time to tackle the big fun SF middle grade thing and we shall see), aaaaaaand something else I’m forgetting. Oh, a Crafty Monday topic to host on our program’s private, student-run message board. Plus, you know, reshelving all these books and junk once the front room is Officially Together. (Getting there.) Miscellaneous, etcetera, et al.

But I think this is the last big slew of vicious swarming deadlines for a bit. All to the good, that.

Sadly, and it does make me oh so sad, all the all meant that I didn’t have time to do interviews for the Winter Blog Blast Tour this time around. But I’ll be linking as it goes all next week anyway, because there’s some fabulous interviews lined up by my more industrious, better organized compadres. You would be remiss not to check them.

Now I smell another cup of Kava Stress Relief tea in my future.

Updated: This made me and C howl like monkeys… or puppies!

(Hat tip to Karen, who has definitely earned the new puppy!)

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