Meet Alexa: She Kicks Ass

Well, actually she’s not all that great at the literal ass-kicking, though willing to give it an old college try in a pinch. Anyway, one of my JoNo compatriots posted a link to a hero image generator, and I spent awhile yesterday creating one of my book’s Alexa. I can’t figure out how to actually save the image in a way I can just quickly paste it in here in its full glory, but I did print a copy and scan it and the result will appear below. (Complete with lines in the background from the crappy printer!)

The main thing you can’t see as well in the scan is the dark olive tone of her skin. ANYWAY, it’s not as if we go around in our novels talking about what our characters look like all the time (at least, I don’t), but I have a pretty good image of them all as I’m working. And it actually felt useful (not to mention fun) to have to figure out her warddrobe and al the other million details. And now she’s watching me…

So, without further ado, Alexa Johnson, aka Medea’s daughter, aka the heroine of Saving the Witch.

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