Bookish Dreamer

The truly and outrageously fabulous Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, aka Book Nerd, gets profiled in the New York Times in support of her dream project, opening an indie bookstore in Brooklyn:

A competition, a party, overflowing community support, celebrities of a sort, an energetic young woman prone to saying plucky things like "All I had was my ambition and my passion" — these are the ingredients of a story of someone realizing a remarkable dream, like crossing the Atlantic in a hot air balloon. That opening a humble local bookstore in New York has more in common with that kind of improbable adventure than, say, opening a dry cleaner is, in its own way, a depressing sign of the times.

"Maybe I’m an optimist, but I see the other side of it," said Ms. Stockton Bagnulo. "Which is that only a bookstore can inspire this kind of passion."

A whole bunch of cheers for Jessica, whose fantastic voyage toward her goal can be followed at her auxiliary blog, A Bookstore in Brooklyn. And if you’ve got a pile of money laying around, send her a donation.

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