Two Wonderful Things

  1. The Farewell Issue of The Journal of Mythic Arts from Endicott Studio goddesses Terri Windling and Midori Snyder. There is tons of good stuff to be read, as always, and it’s nice to get to revel in its fabulousness one last time.
  2. Researcher, writer and rare books expert Lisa Gold has a new blog about research and other matters. You could say she’s a smartypants, but that’s an understatement. Here’s a listing of some projects she’s worked on, including The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. She’s also married to Matt Ruff, most excellent writer and baker of brownies.

1 thought on “Two Wonderful Things”

  1. Totally not related to your post, I’m sorry, Kelly Link sent me here. She said you reviewed YA books and that you were really good, well, I’m helping Lauren Myracle with a blurb thing for her LJ, and I was wondering if you had read Bliss yet, and I’m just too inept to find it here.

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