Just Say No

The thing that really strikes me about Open Source Boob Gate* is its echoes with the previous discussions about the SF community’s groping problem. What a tin-eared approach to any kind of empowerment, given the history (and ignoring the fact that the whole thing was fraught with idiocy from the get go).

The LAST thing we need in science fiction is more groping. PERIOD.

(Sorry to have been MIA, but there’s a lot going on and I didn’t even realize this was happening until a day or so ago. And I think that’s pretty much all I have to say.)

*Good list of links at the end of this post.

4 thoughts on “Just Say No”

  1. I think that the group that ‘invented’ it were not up to date with the groping issues in the larger community. Or at least I really really hope they weren’t. (I tend to assume the best about people.)

  2. I’m sure it was well-intentioned, but that doesn’t make it any less troubling for me. And I really, really don’t understand how no one in a decent-sized group of friends who apparently attend SF conventions with some regularity could be completely unaware that groping has been a problem. And if that is true, it’s only a reminder that such behavior is often brushed aside.
    Not to mention that the person who posted about it has said some pretty offensive things “defending” himself and the “project” — things which mute any sympathy I might have had.

  3. What struck me about it was it’s enormously high school nature – this is what a bunch of adults think needs to happen in the world to make it a better place?
    Just by referring to breasts as “boobs” they revealed themselves to be incredibly immature.
    I’m very disappointed by the many people who think it should be defended on any level. It’s not that I think this was harrassment for those who willingly participated; I just can’t get pass how stupid it is.
    A bunch of adults came up with this? I love comics alot and SF a lot but giggling over breasts is not how mature people spend their time. This reflects poorly on Con attendees everywhere because sadly, a lot of folks who have heard about it thinks it is descriptive of comics fans/SFF fans/etc. and don’t realize that no – it’s just the work of a few fools.

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