Saturday Snowstorm Hangovers

*Yep, I realize there’s a string of ghostwriters. I only need concern myself with the first one and the convention observed throughout, since this is intended to bolster a side point.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Snowstorm Hangovers”

  1. Permit me to once again recommend both Jeff Ford’s new book (Segundo podcast forthcoming) and the Barlow.

  2. My only note re: GG is to keep in mind that the “author” is actually a string over overcaffed young thangs getting screwed by the royalties god. But you knew that. And it’s probably not relevant to your research.
    And now back to my regularly scheduled thesising.

  3. Yep, yep. She did write the first one though, I’m assuming — which is really all I need. That, and that they kept the convention.

  4. Not to butt in, but as someone who does actually know, Cecily wrote the first eight books in the series and the prequel.
    She’s getting screwed by the TV people, also.

  5. I’ve no doubt — one of the hazards of creating a “property.” Thanks for the confirmation though, Jennifer; that’s what I’d found online and it’s nice to know it’s true.

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