Champagne Dreams

Well, that was fun. We rang in the New Year in low-key style with the North Carolina contingent–the fabulous Richard Butner and Barb Gilly–and the New Hampshire delegates–dynamic duo Meghan McCarron and Sadie the Dog. Many hours of Game Show Network* were commented on, several games/moralty tests were won and lost, and (at least) six modern houses were seen. Sleep was light. Dogs were rowdy. Etcetera. Pictorial evidence is forthcoming.

My hope is that when the beginning of a year is this nice, the year can’t be anything but wonderful. Good luck with your resolutions, if you’re resolving, and with things in general, regardless. My own resolutions all involve hard work, which is good because that means they are entirely achievable. One of them is to catch up on e-mail and STAY caught, and that will commence today. The horrified expressions of our houseguests when I confessed to the size of my inbox (both read and unread) said it all.

Regular service here will resume momentarily.

*High point? Probably Monty Hall remarking on what things might be like if "women’s lib goes all the way."

Update: When I said catch up on e-mail? It turns out I meant archive a whole bunch of it. I’m going to be answering the more recent stuff, but if you need a reply and don’t get it within 24 hours, send the e-mail again and it will be answered. Swearsies.

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  1. We were worried we might not make it at 6, but somehow perked up with le booze and powered on. Sorry we missed you! We didn’t manage to reach anybody we tried, so eventually we gave up.

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