Random Hangovers

To close tabs… And as someone who just sent 90 incredibly rough pages of fiction, two essays, an annotated bibliography and a letter via the e-mail to close out the semester, I can truly say: Boy, my arms are tired and I need a drink. This MFA stuff is not for wimps, I’m telling you. (And, please, for the love of all that exists, don’t start about how much harder real physical labor is. Please. That’s a different kind of hard.) And now we go to a workshop! (But there’s an after-party!)

5 thoughts on “Random Hangovers”

  1. Yay Numb3rs! I have totally fallen in love with that show this past year and quickly caught up on the first few seasons. I thought it was just another high concept type show, but I love cool geeks, the brother/family dynamics, and some of the dialogue is just awesome. It’s very well done.

  2. Woo hoo! You go with your packet-finishing self. I’m burning the midnight oil (and chardonnay) on my essay as we speak. Well, really it’s five pm. It just feels like midnight because of freakin’ daylight savings.

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