First Lines

Every year I do this meme, and every year I forget entirely how boring my first sentences of each month turn out to be. (Via Maureen, this year, whose blog is awesome no matter what she says.) To mix things up, I’m also going to add the last sentence of the last entry for each month (except this one, natch).

(first) Y’all light up my life and I hope 2007 has only the best in store for you (and me).
(last) Raise hell. Now that’s a legacy.

(first) (This craze started by Jennifer. It’s like the Internerd equivalent of your desk in elementary school on V-Day.)
(last) I’m on a panel Saturday morning (opposite Kelly, natch), but I imagine I’ll also be findable around the Small Beer Press table quite a bit, so say hi. I’ll update as I can.

(first) So, here we are at AWP.
(last) Tomorrow there shall be laundry and writing and email.

(first) While others have announced their write-in candidacies for SFWA president today, I choose not to pursue the means of electioneering. (Ed. note: I went on to declare war on SFWA, which I must admit has not been entirely effective as it STILL LIVES.)
(last) It also features an event at an upscale gentleman’s club. (Ed. note: This is the last line of a Heroes synopsis.)

(first) And now for what may well be one of the last times, a new VM ep:
(last) Go party with my LBC cohorts at the BEA party tonight at Kettle of Fish in Greenwich Village.

(first) The ultra-fabbest Cecil Castellucci gets the royal interview treatment at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.
(last) The world without human beings.

(first) The latest issues of Chizine and Farrago’s Wainscot are online.
(last)  (Via the Lady Cecil!)

(first) Continue to check in if you haven’t.
(last) Have a great weekend, everybody — and if you’re expecting a response from me on something, I’m happy to report that The Incredibly Cranky E-Mail Fairy has office hours scheduled this weekend to tackle The Inbox That Ate My Life.

(first) And Niall’s got the skinny on the Hugo awards including the break-down of the results (be prepared if you look at these; shockingly few people vote — also Scalzi lost best fan writer by ONE VOTE!).
(last) And a silly quiz result (to which I say: No fair, but the test is fun):

(first) Let us all bid September a not-so-fond adieu.
(last) Can’t wait to see the new, sweet style.

(first) So pretty: The Journal of Mythic Arts’ new online home!
(last) *Christopher’s Automated Phone System Fu is second to none.

(first) Very, very well.
(last) (… who knows? But I’ll try to make it good.)

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