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So, on the most recent episode of Bones, which continued the saga of the more-interesting-than-most-TV-serial-killers-because-a-secret-society-is-involved Gormagon killer(s), there was this absolutely delightful little homage to Buffy. Angel, er, Booth did a night visit to a cemetery to break into a crypt and they shot it right out of Buffy, even beginning with a close-up of an angel statue. Yes, we squealed like delighted children meeting Willy Wonka for the first time.

These kind of fun little moments are the reason that this show–while not a work of genius–never disappoints me. Which is a rare thing on teevee these days.

Also, I can’t BELIEVE that Wikipedia doesn’t have a Gormagon entry. Wow.

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  1. I do love Bones; it’s not a can’t-miss show, but it’s a watch-whenever-I-have-the-chance show. What’s not to like about a show that’s giving John Francis Daley some work? I was watching an episode of Angel recently and I was struck by how much Boreanaz has grown up, both physically–he has such a baby face throughout all of the Buffy/Angel shows–and as an actor.

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