Literature = Literature

Tiptree biographer extraordinaire Julie Phillips interviews Michael Chabon in Book World:

"Gentlemen of the Road" gives me the impression that you had a lot of fun writing it but aren’t entirely convinced by the world you’ve created. Do you think you will ever really break into science fiction? Or are you doomed to keep coming back to literature?

I believed every single word of it with every fiber of my being, actually! Writing it wasn’t just fun, it was deep and magical — I traveled.

As for science fiction, it is literature, as you very well know, my dear. The gates between the kingdoms are infinitely wide and always open!

Well said, MC Chabon.

2 thoughts on “Literature = Literature”

  1. Gwenda: Absolutely. My hat off to Chabon as well for putting it on the line in combatting bone dry ignorance.

  2. I confess that I haven’t yet been blown away by any of Chabon’s work–I’ve enjoyed it, but never had that top-of-the-head-blown-off experience. But I desperately want to read this book.

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