Strange Experiments

So I’m taking a semi-Web hiatus. I’ll still be posting here some, but I won’t be reading other online things (besides newspapers) for a few weeks, ideally until December. Which means when I do post here, it probably won’t be about online things.

I will be reading e-mail, however, and possibly even keeping up with it–maybe even sending out chatty exploratory messages like I used to before everyone was on the cyber all the time and knew what was up with everybody else’s business. If you need me, or if something major happens in your livelihood, please do write with the skinny. The e-dress is up and to the right if you need it.

As you were.

3 thoughts on “Strange Experiments”

  1. Love the redesign–Pinky sent me since I usually read you in feeds and have been on my own kind of blog-diet, too.
    Anyway, I am just stopping by to say “hi” and that we, too, are kind of into Treehorn around here. My daughter likes it. I adore it. So strange. And our neighbor was babysitting, read it to Olivia, and then borrowed the book. Must get it back…

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