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Shiner02Oh, happy day redux. Subterranean has announced that they’re going to put all Lew Shiner’s work back in print AND start with his new novel, Black & White, which sounds abso-mo-lutely brill. Here’s the description from the announcement:

When Michael follows his dying father to North Carolina, a lifetime of lies begins to unravel. His pursuit of his father’s past–haunted by voodoo, adultery and murder–takes him to a place called Hayti, once the most prosperous black community in the South. Now the mysteries of Michael’s own heritage become a matter of life and death, as racial conflicts barely restrained since the 1960s erupt again.

Rooted in the true story of the US government’s urban renewal policy and its disastrous aftermath, Black & White is a literary thriller, a family saga, and a searing portrait of institutionalized hatred.

Jonathan Lethem compares it to the work of George Pelecanos and Richard Price in a blurb.

In the meantime, don’t forget about Shiner’s Fiction Liberation Front site, where you can read lots of free, wonderful stories by this wholly underrated writer.

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