Heroes Yammer Belated

So, stuff actually happened — some of it predictable, much of it problematic… but problematic in the way we know and (mostly?) love. Thoughts?

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  1. I’m glad that the last episode of this chapter is coming early due to the writer’s strike. This season is not full of win. It is full of the opposite.

  2. I was really pleased to find out who “Adam” is, which I didn’t see coming. Nicely ties together our excruciating foray into the past with the present in a way that brings some sense of history to all these events.
    Really irritated with Niki’s entire story line, ditto Claire, and, uh, pretty much everything else. I like West marginally better for his apparently not having known all along that HRG was Claire’s father and been manipulating her like I’d suspected he was, but he’s still creepy.
    The big future scare, I can’t bring myself to care. Extinction-level virus stories are so 1999.

  3. Yeah, I agree, and I really, really wish they weren’t so crap at pacing. There was no need to save up everything for last night’s episode. Some of that stuff should have happened in episode 2 and 3. But at least Hiro’s back in the present.

  4. We x-posted. I figured out the Adam thing toward the beginning of the ep, but I’m still relatively happy with it. Especially with Hiro having a nemesis — that could be interesting.
    Agree on all the rest, except I did love Mrs. Petrelli in the future virus scenes. And at least it’s Something Happening. The show only works when it’s got some balls in the air, so I’m hoping some of this stuff pans out in the next eps.

  5. I love Mrs. Petrelli whenever she shows up, and of course she’s such a tough survivor she would have made it into the future. (What IS her power?) The teaser for the next ep looks juicy, though it’s kind of sad the voiceover had to present it as “We’re finally going to tell you all the interesting stuff.”

  6. Because Peter has to have her power too, right? I wondered if it had something to do with the way he remembered. Was she feeding him memories maybe?
    I know, although I’d rather they keep moving forward instead of going back.

  7. It was the best so far this season, I’ll give them that. But Wow do they have a problem with the female characters here (as you and so many others have pointed out). Matt gets to learn control, Nikki loses hers entirely; Hiro gets to make a noble romantic choice, Claire gets to be a dupe. It’s coming across as agenda at this point.

  8. It was Monica’s behavior last week that made me flip. Here’s an ambitious, confident young woman with an active power, finally. Obviously she just runs off to an undisclosed location several states away to perform like a monkey for a man who won’t let her leave, and then lets him inject her with an unknown substance. Maybe if we’re lucky there were some Buffy episodes on that iPod.
    The chapter’s ending hasn’t been pushed up because of the strike, Jeremy. From what I understand it was always supposed to end after eleven episodes, but the ending of episode 11 might change if it has to serve as the season finale instead of the chapter finale.

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