Kidlit Love

What a lovely weekend. I intend a more substantial post later, but, wow, it was great to meet everybody and I wish I’d had a lot more time to talk to everyone who was there. Y’all rock.

And the incredibly well-spoken Liz Burns has a big post with links to reports and photos from various attendees.

Here’s a group shot* courtesy of Andrea and Mark Blevis (of Just One More Book fame — Mark gave a great talk on podcasting). Over at Flickr, you can even see the attendees mapped by site (& a whole bunch of other photos).

*not pictured Micol, who went off premiering, and Ysabeau, who’d already taken off for the evening.

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  1. Hi Gwenda! It was terrific to meet you and Christopher — had such fun hanging out with you. Thanks for the ride, and we hope the rental car made it back okay! Hope to see you again — if not before WisCon, then next spring! Happy writing–

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