But It’s So Good

As someone who’s been reading mostly YA for the last year (because of the MFA program) with a salting of Books For Adults, I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best reading years of my life because of all the fine work in that arbitrarily-defined field (past and current). I write YA because that’s what I write.

Now Jeff has a list of the reasons why he doesn’t read YA, which makes me kinda sad. (And, yes, I realize these are–mostly–tongue-in-cheek.) But, hey, as long as teens are reading it, I don’t mind so much.

1 thought on “But It’s So Good”

  1. Agreed that lots of YA is awesome stuff. I find it funny when people diss the entire category when things like “S is for Stupid Mystery” series and the like thrive in the books-for-adults market. And like you said, at least kids are reading! (some of his list items were pretty funny though 🙂
    SO nice meeting you and the Mr. this past weekend, you two are TOO much fun!

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