Sunday Hangovers

  • Ursula Le Guin attempts to slap some sense into Jeanette Winterson with a fair and fabulous review of her latest, The Stone Gods (which Winterson adamantly feels is Not Science Fiction): "Formerly deep-dyed realists are producing novels so full of the tropes and fixtures and plotlines of science fiction that only the snarling tricephalic dogs who guard the Canon of Literature can tell the difference. I certainly can’t. Why bother? I am bothered, though, by the curious ingratitude of authors who exploit a common fund of imagery while pretending to have nothing to do with the fellow-authors who created it and left it open to all who want to use it. A little return generosity would hardly come amiss." I still consider Winterson one of the first fantasy novelists I fell in love with the work of — so there.
  • Junot Diaz on returning to SF.
  • Plunkett Award dead before it starts.
  • Hannah Wolf Bowen recommends Kathe Koja’s Kissing the Bee, also recc’d by Sharyn November at the previous Wiscon.
  • This video makes me very, very happy:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Hangovers”

  1. Oh, I get it! It’s okay for Ursula to take on Winterson, but when I rant and rave and froth at the mouth about Jeanette’s scifi stupidity it’s…ranting and raving.
    Thanks for the link to Le Guin’s elegant Winterson review! And, you know, the other stuff.

  2. Hey, I like it when you rant and rave. I was just pointing out that Winterson is supposedly an “utter cow” as they say in jolly old.

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