Oh and

Despite the whole having gotten a Wii thing (play with us!), I should be back now, making with the posting and things. Much has been going on, but let’s not dwell. As of Thursday morning–fingers crossed and all that–we will own our 107-year-old house, which we adore. I want new outdoor furniture to go with the new big screen inside. Oh, and new flooring for the kitchen, and for the bathroom, and, and, and this is what happens when you own a home, isn’t it? You just want to redo things and add things and, PAINT, and, yeah, it’s going to be fun.

I feel so very adult somehow.

A link to tide you over until I can muster up a hangovers post: The Tiny Girl at BoingBoing. The photo is Freaking Me Out.

6 thoughts on “Oh and”

  1. That is what happens when you _initially_ own a house.
    Then the tide of things that need fixing starts…
    It’s still kind of fun, and you get a new kind of small talk. In addition to “nice weather” and “boy our President is a dolt” you have “isn’t it a crime what a new roof costs”. Heh.

  2. Well, we have a three-year-old roof, so we should be okay on that for awhile, and the appraiser referred to the exterior as maintenance free — but yeah, I fully expect something to go kablooey as soon as we sign the papers.

  3. Congratulations, and I have my fingers crossed, too. I love that house. You’ll have to let me know if the big one on the left is ever for sale. Or either of the two on the right. Or either of the three directly across the street….

  4. While I have just enough proverbial money to put it where my mouth is, I haven’t at all enough actual money to put any where that house is. But it’s an awesome house. Make sure to tell me when it is for sale again.

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