6 thoughts on “By the Way”

  1. I love the publisher who says “Manifesting material objects is not about the greater good.” Dude, if I could manifest material objects I could do all kinds of crazy greater good. Free food for everybody! Free drinking water! Free antivirals! Free mosquito netting!

  2. (“In a digital age with the Googles of this world wanting to exercise control over literally all information…” is pretty good, too. She’s coming after you, Jed!)

  3. jennifer, aka literaticat

    “New Age, or as some publishers prefer to call it, mind/body/spirit”
    … or as some booksellers prefer to call it, “you know, the woo-woo books”

  4. Now, now, play nice. Several of the people I interviewed used “woo woo” at some point, including my favorite quote (which I believe I had to cut) that now things are: “less woo, more you.”

  5. Been watching the action unfold for a couple of years now; as one who has always been as unapologetically woo woo as she is grounded, I’m happy for the expansion.

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