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Last night, one of my friendly neighborhood librarians informed me that I’d reached the maximum — 35 books — and would have to return something before I could check out anything more. And I wasn’t even trying!

Back later with today’s Radar post.

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  1. And then I felt totally lame when I went in to pick up a reserve and found out I’m only at nine. But you should memeify this. These are the books I currently have checked out of the library–other people should post what they’ve got!
    * The Seventy Great Journeys In History edited by Robin Hanbury-Tenison
    * Wizards edited by Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann
    * DaVinci’s Kitchen: A Secret History of Italian Cuisine by Dave DeWitt
    * Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan, the Joe Kubert Years, Vol. #3 written and illustrated by Joe Kubert
    * Horse Lattitudes by Paul Muldoon
    * La Perdida written and illustrated by Jessica ABel
    * The Shakespeare Wars: Clashing Scholars, Public Fiascoes, Palace Coups by Ron Rosenbaum
    * The Execution Channel by Ken MacLeod
    * The Organic Lawn Care Manual: A Natural, Low-Maintenance System For a Beautiful Safe, Lawn by Paul Tukey

  2. Surfiction : fiction now and tomorrow Charged 09/04/07
    37244019634485 Sladek, John Thomas. The Muller-Fokker effect Charged 09/12/07
    37244030625512 Barth, John. Letters : a novel Charged 09/12/07
    37244034858127 Bukatman, Scott, 195 Terminal identity : the virtual subject in postm Charged 09/12/07
    37244046175791 Mailer, Norman. Of a fire on the moon Charged 09/08/07
    37244067345877 West, Nathanael, 190 Miss Lonelyhearts Charged 09/04/07
    37244078219657 Heller, Joseph. We bombed in New Haven; a play Charged 09/04/07
    37244080941868 Ishiguro, Kazuo, 195 The unconsoled Charged 09/12/07
    37244080995088 Kelman, James, 1946 Not not while the Giro and other stories Charged 09/08/07
    37244101533595 Dimock, Peter, 1950 A short rhetoric for leaving the family Charged 09/12/07
    37244148169601 Pauli, Lori. Manufactured landscapes : the photographs of Edw Charged 09/01/07
    37244156030729 Mitchell, Tim. There’s something about Jonathan : Jonathan Rich Charged 09/04/07
    37244164919145 Middles, Mick. The Fall Overdue 08/20/07
    37244168258755 Chekhov, Anton Pavlo Stories Charged 09/04/07
    37244173747305 Sorrentino, Gilbert. Mulligan stew : a novel Charged 09/04/07
    37244175860510 Thomson, David, 1941 Nicole Kidman Charged 09/12/07
    37244177752418 Larson, Signe. The complete idiot’s guide to bringing up baby Overdue 08/28/07
    37244179330197 McNay, Mark, 1965 Fresh : a novel Charged 09/04/07

  3. Here’s mine:
    253 — Geoff Ryman
    The Culture of the Copy — Hillel Schwartz
    Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things — George Lakoff
    Ka — Roberto Calasso
    Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty — Bradley K. Martin
    The Book of Salt — Monique Truong
    Border Film Project: Photos by Migrants & Minutement on the US-Mexico Border — Rudy Adler, Victoria Criado, Brett Huneycutt
    The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate — Ted Chiang
    The Collected Stories — Amy Hempel
    It is very bittersweet for me, because I have discovered that endless public libraries is one of the things I miss the most while being overseas, along with baths (even the nicest Mexican houses usually only have showers), listening to NPR in the car, thrift stores, yard sales, and Vietnamese food.
    Then again, there will be lots of Vietnamese food where I’m going, so maybe I’ll luck out librarywise too.

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