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1. Kelly wrote a little piece for Salon with predictions about the final Harry Potter, including those of Gavin, Karen Fowler, Cecil, Jed, Holly and Steve Berman. (Hers is the second piece.) And Liz Hand also wrote a wonderful one; supernatural wedding planners are the next big thing. (Hers is fourth.) Now, I imagine most of these people are at Readercon, with even more people I adore — I hope you are all having too much fun. We’ll see some of you soonish, at least.

2. Kara Jesella, one half of the writing team of the utterly fabulous How Sassy Changed My Life (see Read Read sidebar for my take), writes about the hipping of librarians for the NYT. I find myself wondering if it’s true that librarians used to be less hip, or if that cliche was always just a cliche. Also, I didn’t see a single public librarian in the piece, but still, I loved reading about all the various drinks of the included librarians. I love the idea of coding drinks by book names. More though, I’m curious what the actual librarians among us think about all this. (And your drinks of choice.)

And a p.s. We saw the new Die Hard movie last night and it was great. Seriously.

5 thoughts on “Two Links”

  1. good thing Kelly was paying attention because I drank a lot of Lillet that night and it was a really good conversation about Harry Potter and mostly hysterical.
    Also, I wish I was at Readercon…
    le sigh…

  2. Yeah, you’re right: there wasn’t one public librarian in that bunch. How could you afford to live in Brooklyn on a public librarian’s salary?
    It was cool that they mentioned Scott Douglas’s DISPATCHES FROM A PUBLIC LIBRARIAN, but he, of course, has quite a different take on things.
    Personally, I’m looking forward to getting out of the public library gig. (Or as I like to say, Official Google Searcher.) Still, it’s a good solid gig with decent hours if you want to do something else on the side.
    Your humble guybrarian,

  3. You and me both, sister!
    Austin, I’m totally impressed with your embrace (even ironic) of the “guybrarian” term.

  4. A lot of folks emailed me this article today, and while I wouldn’t be caught dead holding a drink that involved blueberry vodka, I am intrigued by the idea of a Federal Depository tattoo.
    This public librarian drinks Makers and water on the rocks.

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