That Was Nice (updated)

Well, if 31 is anything like yesterday, it’ll be a lovely, low-key kind of year. I got wonderful stuff — Buffy comics and Season Four on DVD (hush, now, it’s the first season I watched, so I love it), a GORGEOUS framed print of one of MAS’ killer digital media pieces, a massage gift certificate and a bottle of Veuve and a fabulous C-made dinner — and hung out with people I adore and ate delicious, homemade, gluten-free cupcakes. It just don’t get much better than that. And the hangover gods have seen fit to (mostly) give me a pass this morning.

Thanks to all y’all who sent birthday wishes via e-cards, e-mail and the comments section. Much appreciated.

Today I’m playing catch-up and prepare-for-departure, so I’ll be answering e-mail and hopefully managing a post about a couple of recent books I read that I want you to. Back later today with all that.

Updated: Um, did I say today? Today has been the day of No E-mail catch-up, but I will get to it all before the residency kicks in on Sunday. Promise.

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