Approaching the Finish Line

I don’t know that those of you who’ve never been through the exhausting, entirely overscheduled whir of a residency can understand how discombobulated you are by the end. Or at least, how discombobulated I am.

But the final day will be here soon, and Christopher will get here late this evening (yayayayayay!) and — despite a whole bunch of stuff today and tomorrow’s 8 a.m. lecture on the art of being a flaneur followed by a two-hour final workshop and scads of paperwork to complete — things are winding down, and then we’ll head out to Kelly and Gavin’s for the rest of the week.

I imagine I’ll pop in at some point, but probably not too often, since I’d like to get some writing done and decompress and reset and that sort of thing. Some of you have to still be busy reading HP, anyway, right? (Though it seems almost all of you have finished!)

Next week I’ll be back home and posting again. I’ve been reading the Scott Pilgrims — they are wonderful. Now I better shake it if I want to get Betsy pancakes for breakfast. And I do. The pancakes are the best pancakes I’ve ever had and it would be tragical not to eat them.

ETA: Damn, it’s a french toast day. (Delicious, but not my favorite!)

3 thoughts on “Approaching the Finish Line”

  1. Somehow, dear Gwenda, you have neglected to mention the copious (Oh, I went there. Yeah, I used the word “copious”) amounts of booze both you AND your cohorts have ingested throughout the “overscheduled whir” of your discombobulation.
    You may be fooling the flock, but not this sheep.

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