Poetry Friday: Tell

Gavin just announced that this poem will be included in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror this year; it originally appeared in the Journal of Mythic Arts.


by Nathalie Anderson

One sees. One is enticed. One goes
or not. One pines, or not. That’s all
it is. Still, every time one tells,
by hairsbreadth, hairsbreadth, on it grows.

The slant of eye. The cut of tooth.
One thinks what one describes explains.
While spouses sneer and parents strain,
sift sigh from sly, clip rune from brood.

Whatever one might think to say
one says. Despite one’s innocence
strange words serve, stranger, to estrange.
Hearsay. Soothsay. Verité. Fey.
One’s wooden tongue sprouts eloquence.
Oh changeling, this is how you change.

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