Friday Hangovers

3 thoughts on “Friday Hangovers”

  1. I remember reading about that study about the extra gasoline used by overweight people. It struck me as pointless demonization. Given all the ways Americans use more gasoline than is necessary, it seems simply mean to pick on obese people. A skinny person driving an SUV can waste more gasoline than fifty fat people; which is easier to fix?

  2. I definitely agree with you on that, Ted. I also think that most of the weight gain in American society comes not from our great bounty, but our great class divisions. It’s much more expensive to eat well. And Will makes an interesting point about viewing health (which is ABSOLUTELY NOT always tied to weight) as a political act.
    And of course that doesn’t even get into the other issue of creating a better system of alternatives to driving; good mass transit all over, sidewalks, bike lanes, etc.
    Anyway, I’m definitely not about demonizing being overweight — mostly I linked to that post because it provoked some excellent, thoughtful comments.

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