Celebrating Endicott

Those clever ladies at the Endicott Studio have created a new blog (to go with the fabulous one they already have) featuring pictures of some artists and writers involved with the studio at its inception and now. This is part of their continuing celebration of 20 years of wonderful work.

Looking at those photos just makes me happy. So many strong, brave, amazing people. I feel incredibly lucky to know — or at least have a passing acquaintance — with many of them, and even luckier to have more than a passing acquaintance with most of their bodies of work.

Here’s to 20 more years.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Endicott”

  1. Thanks Gwenda. Actually, we’re still putting it all together! We are waiting for a bunch of new photos from other writers and artists in the Endicott Circle–so the whole project is going to keep on growing…it is fun though seeing ourselves twenty years ago…

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