I’ve been meaning to post this for a month now, but keep forgetting. I’m chairing the extremely awesome 2007 Tiptree Award jury, with my fellow jurors being Geoff Ryman, Meghan McCarron, Charlie Anders, and Sheree Thomas. Anyway, I say this because we want you to submit recommendations for "SF and fantasy published this year exploring gender roles that should be considered for the award." The nomination form is here, or you can drop me an email (Gwenda007ATGMAILDOTCOM), with recs for novels and short stories that might fit the bill.

And, yes, for those of you less familiar with the award, this includes stuff published outside the genre, so long as it has a fantastical or SF bent. (The 2006 winners are Shelley Jackson and Catherynne M. Valente, for instance — Half-Life was published as literary fiction and The Orphan’s Tales as fantasy.) Oh, and yes, children’s and YA books are absolutely eligible for consideration, so kidlit bloggers pony up any relevant titles too.

Recommend early and often, por favor.

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  1. How fancy!
    [aside]Fun fact: This spring I ended up as the third reader on an undergrad thesis about the two Alices of SF, Andre Norton and James Tiptree Jr. Now, I know sweet f*ck all about the history of the genre, so imagine my delight when I came across Justine L’s name among the citations.[/aside]

  2. And I should butt in to say that while it’s okay to recommend 2007 stuff directly to Gwenda (random strangers can recommend works to jurors they bump into on street corners), 2006 works should be entered on the nomination form so that they can be checked against last year’s nominations.
    The nomination form is best overall, because if you enter something on that we will try to get the publisher to send copies to all five jurors.
    (Okay, be responsible. Don’t start nominating things off the jurors’ Amazon wish lists just to try and get them a copy!)

  3. Hey Gwenda–Congrats on the chair! You’ll be great…let’s have a passing of the baton coffee (ok…maybe a drink is better!) at Wiscon

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