Like You Care (Updated)

Any weekend in which I finally manage to teach Puck the down command is one of major accomplishment. Also, he and Emma both did fabulously well during their visit to Dogtown, and so that’s where they’ll be staying while we’re at Wiscon. This should lead to far less of the whining you guys all had to listen to last year about my great, enormous guilt. They’ll have their own room with couches and stuff instead of kennels at night, and be in doggy daycare all day. The place is run by a very nice straight-edge couple who started it basically because they hated the options they had for putting up their own dogs when they travel.

And now I experiment with iMovie — instead of Gavin’s requested how to walk a dog, you’ll be getting the dogs being bathed and a miscellaneous happy birthday wish to Hank Green (dogs were woefully underrepresented in that video!).

Updated: Hmmm… the video might be taking a little longer than I expected (damn you, iMovie!), so in the meantime, here’s the happy birthday portion, because you all know how seriously I take birthdaygras:


Nope, haven’t figured out the whole video "quality" thing yet.

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  1. Hurray for finding a good alternative to kennels! This year we’re also trying something new – a home dog-boarding service that matches you up with a dog-less family during your vacation. Anything has to be better than normal kennels!

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