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  1. Well, for all the hype about how it wouldn’t seem like a final episode, it would have been completely overblown if it wasn’t with all the goodbying and such. Overall, I was happy, though Babette was written a little more high strung than usual, which is saying something… And I wanted the town minstrel to be in it.

  2. I hope it was good; I dropped out of the Gilmore Girls earlier in the season, when they pulled that Lorelei marries Christopher/dumps Christopher bit. Tho’ I heard the show improved, I couldn’t bear to return. It’s very sad when a show you love lurches on like a Zombie, when it should just lie down peacefully in its grave. Good night sweet princesses! May flocks of Paul Ankas sing thee to thy rest!

  3. That was a very good episode of Veronica Mars. Nice balancing of the detective and relationship plots, which has been a serious stumbling block for the show this season, and the mystery of the week played to the show’s strengths and touched on one of its core themes – that neither complete innocence nor complete cynicism are effective life strategies.
    I’ve been waiting for Dick’s breakdown all season, and what this episode delivered was fantastic, even more so because I don’t think Dick is any less of an asshole now that I know that he does think about his brother and does realize what a great part he played in driving him to murder and suicide.

  4. After the last episode of VM, which I thought was pretty good myself, it’s disappointing that the series has been canceled.

  5. I thought this one was solid, too, which sucks seeing as it’s canceled.
    This may be a stupid question, but will they air the remaining episodes?

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