Getting There

I somehow managed to bang out very much a first draft of 18 pages of the next book, Cass & Bach, and get it mailed off priority for my next residency’s workshop submission (due in the office there on Friday). Whew.

And we dropped off the lovely and excellent new issue of Say… (Say… what’s the combination?) at the print shop this morning too, and will get it back tomorrow night. The cover is, once again, by the miraculous MAS, who did the last one, but the production values are a return to our old-school roots — it looks great, but I just want you to be prepared for saddle-stitching and cream card-stock cover with black print. (Our cheapie perfect binding, color cover printer went belly up last year.) Anyway, it is definitely the best issue ever, so yay! I’ll post a TOC directly and subscriber/contributor copies will go out when we get back from Madison. Tonight I’ll work up the mix CDs for the contributors, who were oh so patient with our many delays on this one.

Alas, Carmen’s is no longer Carmen’s and I don’t think there’s time to get the teeny rose sewn on the neckline of the pink tulle number, so I’m deciding on a plan B. Or I might bring it and a sewing kit along and try to find someone to do it — my grandmother’s done the exact repair so I don’t think it’s hard.

Not for the first time, I need a fairy godmother.

5 thoughts on “Getting There”

  1. Bring thy fabulous dress and small sewing kit to moi, and I shall endevour to fix. I can not promise miracles, but I have tacked a few items in my time, sewn back on buttons, hemmed sheets, etc., so I do somewhat know my way around a needle! I will do my best; from your description, it sounds as tho’ the dress deserves it!
    And congrats on turning your chapters in! Few things match the satisfaction of getting something off your desk and onto someone else’s!

  2. Yay! Sewing kit packed! It really is a pretty simple thing, I think.
    I can always just afix the ranger badge to the spot… 🙂

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