Tres YA

Three things YA-related of note:

1. Meghan has a really wonderful rant about queers in YA and recommends Tripping to Somewhere (which I need to get my hands on stat).

2. Holly’s wondering if there was swearing in teen fantasies before 2002 (when Tithe was published) — so far Francesca Lia Block is the main name coming up.

3. Cecil Castellucci’s World Domination 2007 is coming! Beige and The Plain Janes are almost out! The Not Your Mother’s Book Club Cecilpalooza is set! I loved both of these books SOOOO much and will be posting about them soon; order now. Now. Go.

p.s. Semi-YA related: Do not miss Hank Green’s ode to Helen Hunt. If, like me, stills from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun are enough to make you happy, then your head will explode.

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