New Book Smell

We went out to Joseph-Beth — which has been reconfigured in a not entirely pleasing way (not entirely displeasing either, to be fair) — to check out the Kids Bargain Book Blow-Out, which claimed to be selling off tons of remaindered YA books for $1.50 a pop. Well, of course, pretty much everything that was for sale sucked eggs, except for the things for younger readers and the books we already owned. I’d set myself a budget expecting to clean-up and I more or less stuck to it and I did clean up. At least, if you consider three new hardbacks cleaning up. And I do, when the books in question are:

Holly Black’s Ironside (YAY! You know what I’m doing tonight…)
Cassie Clare’s City of Bones
Ellen Klages’ The Green Glass Sea

It’s a remarkably aesthetically lovely trio to look at — all three are gorgeously designed books that I expect will be utterly fabulous. I feel better now.

If only the rain would stop (making the dogs sad), the tax refund would arrive, and my book would start to write itself, life would be damn near perfect.

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  1. I was delighted to find it already shelved — I know it wasn’t supposed to be out yet. I love finding books early at the stores.

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