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Y’all will remember that making playlists can be a useful outlining and writing tool for me. And I hadn’t made one in awhile, not since way back when the novel had an entirely different name. I prefer writing to certain kinds of songs, so that’s the kind of playlist this one is, not necessarily one I hear as a soundtrack to the novel.

Well, it is, but not in an overt way. There’s way more slow, drawn-out quiet songs on here than there are chapters like that in the novel (I hope), but I like those for thinking and writing. They blend into invisibility easier. So, without further ado, here it is. Remember that my iTunes is all stuff I’ve downloaded since I got my computer last summer, so it’s all from music blogs and albums I’ve bought since then.

Warning also: It’s long. That means I don’t have to keep hitting repeat. Most tracks findable online at the Hype, if you’re intrigued by something.

Hotaru – Kama Aina
She Was a Girl, She Was in Love – Matt Baldwin   
Splintering – Arizona       
The Funeral – Band of Horses   
Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix) – Feist       
Minors – Flying       
My Dad Is Rich – Brian Ross    
This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life – Born Ruffians
True Affection – The Blow       
I Turn My Camera On – Spoon (Live at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley on 8-12-2006)      
Cursed Sleep – Bonnie "Prince" Billy 
Crowd Surf Off A Cliff – Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton      
Hunters Map – Fionn Regan      
My Head Is Blank – Fran├žois Virot       
Hello Hello Hi – From Bubblegum to Sky       
Rich Man – Ghostland Observatory         
Holy Cow (demo) – Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos      
On a Neck, On a Spit – Grizzly Bear       
Wild is the Wind (Nina Simone Cover) – Cat Power                     
My Heart Is An Apple – Arcade Fire   
I’m Just a Child – Coming Soon         
Bonnie & Clyde – Headset       
Citizens of Tomorrow – Tokyo Police Club   
Gotta D.J. – Hot Springs                   
Strange Desire – The Black Keys       
Winchester Gun – Katamine   
Under the Gun – Kristin Hersh       
Elephant Gun – Beirut       
Vertigo – Kristin Hersh       
Alaska – Camera Obscura       
Everything’s Just Wonderful – Lily Allen                   
We Were Sparkling – My Brightest Diamond       
I Can Get Us Out Of Here – Lucero       
To Go Home – M. Ward   
Volcanoes – Islands       
Dancing Queen – Mantissa                   
Up To My Neck In You – Mark Kozelek       
I Am Not Willing – Moby Grape               
I Was Wrong – The Morning Benders      
Hold On, Hold On – Neko Case   
Breathless – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds      
Shade And Honey – Sparklehorse       
Something of an End – My Brightest Diamond       
Home As A Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always And Forever – Woodpigeon   
Scientist Girl – North Atlantic       
Cross My Heart, Hope You Die – This Is A Process Of A Still Life 
The Fatal Flaw – Lucinda Kruy & The Sun-Ups   
Song for Augustine Pt. 2 – White Flight       
Celebration Guns – Stars      

3 thoughts on “Headbang Your Pen”

  1. Wow, that’s a really evocative playlist! Makes me even more excited about reading the novel…
    I tend to find one CD that matches the emotional mood of the novel and stick to it exclusively through a draft, so the last novel was written to a nonstop loop of Evanescence (romantic gothy angst), and the new one is being written to the Dr Who Series 1-2 soundtrack (big bombastic, happy adventure music).

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