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String Theory. Hiro and Ando find themselves five years after the destruction of New York City. People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and are being registered, hunted, and killed. Hiro and Ando meet up with darker versions of the other heroes in preparation for a showdown with the President. This includes a darker side of Matt, a Jessica/Niki with a clear winner in their battle, a brown-haired Claire, and a man named Andy, who’s a big hearted Texan. It also features an event at an upscale gentleman’s club.

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  1. A question:
    Future Hiro says that he stabbed Sylar, but Sylar regenerated because he had absorbed Claire’s healing ability (thus his message to Peter about saving the cheerleader to save the world). But then we see that Claire isn’t dead; Sylar didn’t kill her. So where did Sylar get the ability to regenerate from Hiro’s sword attack?

  2. Do we know for sure that that’s how Sylar survived? I need to rewatch this one.
    When are we gonna see a superspeedster? If we count the nuclear man as a generic “ray emitter” I think speedster is about the only (feasable) broad category that we haven’t seen.
    “Grows/Shrinks” and “Has Weird Appendages” probably aren’t in the Heroes aesthetic and/or budget.

  3. Future Hiro says, “I stabbed him, but he regenerated.” Ando says, “Because he absorbed the cheerleader’s power,” and future Hiro says, “Exactly.”
    Whether this qualifies as “for sure” or not, I can’t say.

  4. Hmm. Do the timelines work if there’s a Back-to-the-Future style propogation of change thing going on? Specifically:
    Original timeline: Sylar kills Claire; later, Hiro travels back to warn Peter. This creates the new timeline, which we have been watching. Hiro can jump forward to the dark future, where Claire is alive because that has already happened in the present; but the change hasn’t reached bomb-day yet, so that currently happens as before.
    Oh, I don’t know. It was AWESOME, though. If this doesn’t win a Hugo next year, it will probably only be because the season finale is better.

  5. Thanks for that link, Niall. So basically, saving Claire changed the timeline sufficiently that no one tried to stab Sylar, and he never needed to regenerate; future Hiro’s memory of stabbing Sylar has become obsolete.

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