Tuesday Hangovers

  • Chris McLaren on the hard-won Rules of Drinking, tossed out the window on another continent on a birthday.
  • The Twelth Carnival of Children’s Literature is up.
  • Susan Beth Pfeffer gets interviewed by the Slush God about Life as We Knew It: Pfeffer got the idea for the novel after watching the 1979 movie Meteor, she said. "It got me thinking about how the people who have the most to lose if the world comes to an end are kids, and the next thing I knew, I was working out all the details," she said. She also reveals that she just finished a companion book called The Dead and the Gone, about a "lower-middle-class teenage boy in New York City" and how the same meteor changes things for him.
  • For everyone who thinks those irritating, look-down-your-nose opinions of SF don’t exist anymore, two links: Sam Jordison’s post that starts with the declaration "At the risk of sounding like a nerd, I’m beginning to think science fiction’s actually quite good" and Andrew Wheeler taking the NYT to task for its note about Jonathan Lethem that "some may recall that early in his career, Lethem was often pegged as a sci-fi writer himself." I like George at Bookninja’s take on Jordison best: It’s a stretch for him to consider Vonnegut, Ballard and Pynchon SF. I guess that’s the key here. He’s heard of “sci-fi”, but hasn’t quite grasped “SF”.
  • Please, let’s all stop now.Tbscalziposter3
  • The one and only Theo Black made up some posters for the Scalzi campaign.
  • You can win one of 15 copies of Liz Hand’s new novel Generation Loss at the Great American Book Giveaway. I haven’t gotten a chance to finish it yet, despite my best efforts (it’s the next on my Books for Adults list For Sure), but what I have read of it is AMAZING. And I may go crazy if I don’t get a chance to finish it soonest.
  • Lisa Yee meets Carol Burnett and Burnett looks so very cool.
  • More cute puppy pictures. After taking these, C handed me the camera and said, "That it, no more cute pictures of dogs." I had to explain that you can’t just go cold turkey on something like that.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Hangovers”

  1. Surely you are not still hungover?
    Wait, I forgot whom I was talking to. It could happen.
    Hey Bond are you up on the pet food recall? I am shaking people down about that to make sure everyone on the planet with a pet knows this is going down and checks the dog food.

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