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Cloudscome over at A Wrung Sponge tagged me for the five favorite non-book blogs meme, in which I happily participate. There are a few, you know, non-book blogs out there. Or so I’ve heard. And I read some of them, mostly of the science and musical persuasion, but this is actually hard because even the blogs I read that don’t deal with the fictional arts very often are mostly written by writers and thus ineligible. Still, I’m actually going to cheat and do six. So, in no particular order:

  • Aetiology by epidemiologist Tara C. Smith – This is one of my favorite science blogs. As its tagline says, it focuses on "discussing causes, origins, evolution, and implications of disease and other phenomena." Yeah, I’m a big nerd. Like you didn’t know that.
  • About Last Night by Terry Teachout and Our Girl in Chicago – So, yeah, this one’s kind of a cheat, but they talk about so much other stuff it hardly seems like it. Terry was one of the very first people I ever "met" online in the litblog worldiverse, way back when I discovered it existed (several years ago now), and he was as erudite and welcoming and NICE as anyone could have been. I love both these guys and reading about their whirlwind interests is never, ever dull. Now if only they had a full post RSS feed, I could keep up with them every day rather than once a week…
  • Homo Sum by Chris McLaren – Well, Chris is my favorite big-headed Canadian whiskey man in the world entire, so of course he’s on the list. Yes, he also posts about books and reads a lot, but he posts about life and politics and etcetera just as frequently. And he’s high-larious some days, lyrical and nostalgic others, and sometimes both at once.
  • Lux Lotus by Lauren Cerand –   Yes, yes, Lauren’s also a book person and compiles the fabulous Smart Set for Maud, BUT her blog is a lovely beacon of style in a style-challenged world. I love it for her links to beautiful things and unusual things, for pointers to the art and music she’s enjoying. Basically, I love Lux Lotus; the Windowlicker is my favorite.
  • Pullquote by the Cinetrix – My favorite movie blog, which also features enough miscellaneous posts to keep you on your toes. You never know exactly what you’ll get, but you know it will be good. Trixie always has the best mix of sass and smarts, class and cacophony.
  • Said the Gramophone by various – Somehow the tracks I find here are always the ones I fall most in love with. And I really do think this blog has some of the best music writing out there.

And a posthumous shout-out to Dana’s deceased Number One Hit Song, which was my favorite non-books-all-the-time blog ever. It’s worth losing your day to the archives.

(Um, I don’t consider this to really be a blog, it’s just pictures of puppies, but yeah, it’s one of the first stops in the morning. I’m also a big ole puppy softie.)

I tag any and all y’all, because I’m always curious to see what people are reading outside of blogs about books.

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