My Spidey Sense

As you all know, my super power is choosing pets from the Internet.* Meet Emma’s new little (little!) brother Puck (his name was Puff, but we hate that, and it’s enough of a sound-alike to not confuse him**).


For those who don’t like videos that feature an interlude of the cameraman’s jacket, here’s a photo:


C has more pictures and another video*** (also featuring Hemingway the Book-Hiding-Behind Cat).

*Not that I do it often; bizarrely, last Monday, I felt the tug to look, then kept looking again at this picture of this weird little dog, then kept discussing with C whether he thought Emma would like having another dog around. So … it was meant to be.

**His name was going to be Falcor, because it was the only thing we could agree on–but he actually knew Puff, so we caved. Sorta.

**Yes, yes, we’ll get a real video camera at some point.

8 thoughts on “My Spidey Sense”

    So fabulous. Of course, I’m also jealous that you have room for 2 dogs. Fu*k NYC, seriously.
    Now I’ve *got* to come visit–must meet the pets in person.

  2. OMG! Awesome. I remember one photo from a few months back when Emma was playing with another dog and had this super blissed out grin. She has that again in the video. Puck looks like a real sweetheart.

  3. Yay Puck!
    He is strange & beautiful, or a beautiful kind of strange (also, adorable); I see why Falcor was under consideration.
    Congratulations on such a wonderful addition to the already-wonderful menage.

  4. Thanks, guys. If only you could see how long and tiny he is. He actually kind of reminds me of the wolf crossed with Falcor, but Puck it is.

  5. He’s anerable! And he looks like a little Puck, too…Congratulations to everyone–and good-for-you for doing such a good deed!

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