Wednesday Hangovers

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Hangovers”

  1. I haven’t read it yet either, but I can’t imagine how any story could redeem it. I’m pretty sure that the word pita should not be in titles, period.

  2. Just read it. It’s actually a really gorgeous, heartbreaker. But absolutely no justification for such a bad title. And yes, pita should not be in titles, period. I was hoping her brilliance would have saved this one, but alas, that’s a no.
    Good story though!

  3. I just finished Tantalize for the April column – I was surprised by how dark it was. It seems like the marketing describes it more as a romance (which I guess is what they think vamp fans will want) but you hit it right comparing it to Sunshine. I knew it was like something…but couldn’t remember what. That’s the comparison I was looking for (and I will steal it for my review! 🙂
    Pita is a bread not a title. You don’t need to be an award winner to know that.

  4. Packer used to live in Louisville, where there’s a restaurant called Pita Delicious. That’s probably where she got the title, tho’ knowing that doesn’t make the title any better.

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