This Is a Little Weird*

But, for reasons of convenience (and age-ed cars), we’re flying to Wiscon this year. Memorial Day weekend, we’ll be arriving in Madison Thursday afternoonish and leaving Tuesday mid-morningish, purely because that’s how the flights worked out. Although I did have to choose the hated, hated Delta. So fingers crossed.

Now if only we can talk my mother into picking up Emma from the kennel on the Tuesday for us, since we’ll get in too late to quite make it ourselves.

*Weird because we always, always drive. It’s, like, a thing.

7 thoughts on “This Is a Little Weird*”

  1. I can’t see that it will work without you at all. We will have to come up with a whole different name for it — Wisconlite, maybe. Will miss you dreadfully —

  2. Tell me about it! If it weren’t for the fact that I’m going to get to meet Meg Rosoff (HOW I LIVE NOW) and Simmone Howell (TEENAGE UNDERGROUND) and hang out with Ursula Dubosarsky, Margo Lanagan and David Levithan at the Reading Matters conference in Melbourne I would be distraught.
    I expect full reports from everyone on what fun and larks are had in Madison. Just not too much fun!

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