Heroes Yammer

And tonight we have:

Run. Matt starts to bodyguard for an objectionable client. Suresh finds another person on the list. Claire learns a lot more about her birth parents. Hiro and Ando get sidetracked in Vegas again while searching for the sword. Simone and Nathan go to great lengths to find Peter. Niki and Nathan meet again.

Do we think the sword will be important this season?

3 thoughts on “Heroes Yammer”

  1. Much as I like Hiro, I’m coming to the conclusion that his defining trait – being the only character to embrace, whole-heartedly, the genre of his life story – is a millstone around the show’s neck. Hiro has already taken the journey that the other characters are still in the middle of – he’s recognized his powers, accepted them, incorporated them into his self-image and embraced the notion of responsibility for the common good. Which means that the writers have to keep stalling him with side-plots while the other characters catch up, as they’ve done once again this week. I’m really not sure what the solution would be – maybe greater interaction with the other main characters?
    I’m annoyed that Ando turned out, once again, to be a doofus in need of rescuing. I liked the notion of him inculcating Hiro’s ideas of heroism and attempting to emulate his friend (and Hiro’s annoyance at having his words thrown in his face and being the long-suffering sidekick for once was adorable). So I kind of wish Hope had been on the level.
    The Claire/Nathan subplot is breaking my heart. They are going to meet up at some point, right?

  2. You said it, Abigail — I agree wholeheartedly. Also, I liked Matt better when Clea Duvall was second-guessing him; I wish he was smarter.

  3. I think Matt is smart – not fantastically so, but he’s learning to incorporate his skill into his everyday life and use it to do the things that interest him just a little bit better. I can’t really blame him for being fooled by Niki’s MPD – it’s not the first place one’s mind would tend to go when hearing two people having a conversation.
    The real problem is that he’s immature, and Audrey used to be a big help in that department. I really hope Clea DuVall is coming back to the show just for the dynamic between the two characters.

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