It’s always nice to wake up on a Monday morning and find out that the best town in which to survive the coming apocalypse* may be forty minutes from where I grew up:

This is not a new theory, but there is a new book out that backs the premise with all kinds of sleep-killing stuff like that we’re a million years overdue for a good mass extinction. And that the Earth’s magnetic field is developing a crack. And that the Yellowstone supervolcano is about to catapult those tiny 10 percent of us who survive it into nuclear winter.

A planet holds its collective breath. But wait, the author thinks there might be one place on Earth that can just survive the whole shebang intact.


*Mayan, of course.

5 thoughts on “Yes!”

  1. Summer? You’re in luck! I think the world ends on Dec. 12. (As long as you’re not talking about wacky Australian summer or something…)

  2. That’s a stroke of luck. But speaking of Australia, I’m assuming this Yellowstone supervolcano is in… Yellowstone? So mightn’t it be an idea to be slightly further away than Kentucky? Somewhere like… Sydney? Just a thought. After all, it worked for Gregory Peck.

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