Heroes Yammer

Finally, new television:

Godsend. Matt reveals himself to his wife. HRG confers with Mohinder. Now that she knows the truth, Claire tries to make sense of her life. Hiro seeks the sword that he is destined to own. Niki must face the consequences of her decision to turn herself in to the police. Simone and Nathan are worried about Peter, who has been in a coma for two weeks. A new hero is introduced who meets Peter and offers him a different view of the recent changes in the human evolutionary process. Micah visits his mother.

Looks like an action-packed one.

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9 thoughts on “Heroes Yammer”

  1. Holy heck, girl, were you typing a livefeed while you watched the show?
    Just caught in on Ti-faux and found it HIGHLY satisfying. Glad you seem to agree.

  2. Yeah, the voiceover just does not work. Neither does the overblown intro to the show every week – can’t we just get a solid “Previously on?”

  3. Hah, Ti-faux. Stupid DirecTV.
    I’m glad Zach’s still on the show. I figured his contract was up, and Claire’s Dad was gonna pack everybody up and move to another town. Though, huh, that might’ve been cool.

  4. I’m glad Claire is beginning to take her life into her own hands and not be daddy’s girl anymore. I’m tired of split-personality woman, not that she doesn’t have the potential to be interesting, but they just haven’t written her that way yet. I’m psyched to find out what her son’s power is, though.
    I’m unclear as to the position of the guy who works for Evil Dad but is apparently helping Claire? I like him, but what has Evil Dad got on him that keeps him working as ED’s right-hand man if he thinks it’s wrong?
    Favorite moment: Hiro’s modified hand-zoom after “Flying Man” muttered to keep it down.

  5. Hiro just makes everybody around him THAT MUCH COOLER. Even Nathan.
    I like the idea of Claire’s dad not being actually evil, per se. Though we’ve already seen some evidence he works for Linderman, haven’t we? All roads lead back to Linderman.

  6. Have they not messed up the timeline something chronic?
    We know the start of the season was early October, and that Hiro jumped forward to November 8. Call it six weeks to be really generous. We know that Homecoming was either two or three weeks after the start of the season (Claire mentions it in the first episode, I can’t remember which it is offhand; let’s be generous again and call it two weeks). And we know that this episode was two weeks after the events of “Homecoming”. Except that we’re also told that it’s still three weeks to November 8 — surely not possible?

  7. Didn’t Ando say that there were two weeks left till the explosion?
    Either way, I can’t believe you’re surprised at a show like Heroes being unable to keep its timeline straight.

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