Stormy Weather

The wind outside is crazy wild today. A group of school children on a field trip downtown went by a few minutes ago, holding hands and shrieking, surrounded by flying leaves. The temperature has already dropped about 20 degrees since this morning. If this were a movie, Dennis Quaid would be getting out the snowshoes right about now.

Gobal climate change is scary.

But I believe we’ll be disappointed yet again on the point of snow. We’ll probably get ice instead or just really nasty conditions. Yesterday, I posted a picture of Christopher’s lunch, today I’m talking about the weather. What are the other blogger cliches I need to fill?

And, yes, feeling considerably better today, so the weird woozy malady of yesterday appears to have been a viral thing that is passing quickly. Fingers crossed, anyway.

6 thoughts on “Stormy Weather”

  1. Enjoy the winter storm Gwenda – it is courtesy us fine people out here on the west coast. We got slammed in western Washington – snow, ice, sleet, wind….it was armageddon weather for a few days there. (We lost power twice in one week. Lovely.)
    It is still cold here (for us anyway) and there is still ice everywhere. Just walking the dogs has become an adventure.
    I like winter but this is just a big mess!

  2. Things are turning weird in PA too — sitting out on the back porch, watching the sky turn to sackcloth and ashes, I couldn’t help wondering when the weather report came from the Book of Revelations.

  3. It’s the kind of cold* here in San Francisco where the weather stops just short of a full-blown winter: chilly air that makes one clamor for a fireplace, with the sun just tempting us with rays so slight that one wonders if it’s powered on dying Duracells. I’m ready for warmth or, failing that, a warm indoors weekend.
    * Caveat: Yours truly is a wussy Californian, well aware that a day in the 40s is a luxury compared to other places.

  4. Colleen: You poor thing! I take that seriously when it comes from someone lived in Alaska.
    Joe: A Revelations reference never fails to make C and me laugh and laugh. This was no exception.
    Ed: WUSS!
    Justine: I’m rubber and you’re glue…

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