I Might Be Convinced…

to forgive Amy Sherman-Palladino if this is as good as it sounds:

Ausiello: Well, it sounds like you’re headed back to work. Tell me about the new show.

AS-P: It’s called The Return of Jezebel James, and it’s basically a sister buddy comedy. It’s about a very successful, very driven, very problem-solving kind of woman who’s a young-adult book publisher. She has her own imprint. And she decides to have a baby on her own, and the doctor says, "Whoops, you’re not going to be able to do that by yourself. Sorry, sweetheart!" And she winds up tracking down her younger, much-less-focused sister, who’s the polar opposite of her. And she says to her, "I will cut you a deal and pay you to carry my baby for me. But you have to move in with me, so that I can watch you and make sure it doesn’t come out with three heads." And the younger sister, having very limited options, agrees, and that’s where our series takes off. But the pilot is these two women reconnecting and cutting a deal.

2 thoughts on “I Might Be Convinced…”

  1. ooh! That officially means that YA novels have MADE IT! YA Editor as classy job on TV!
    Actually, it sounds pretty great. And totally up my alley.

  2. It does sound interesting. I’ve been very hesitant to wade into Gilmore Girls this season — basically, I only just got caught up with last season’s DVDs as this season started — since everything I read says the show was effectively ruined by the Palladino departure.

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