And there went the weekend. No email answered (really, those two don’t count). Family seen (lovely) and a little writing done (whew). But I really do want to get all caught up on the correspondence before the houseguests arrive for Thanksgiving (YAY!).

(TV* sidenotes: Is it just me or is the new bad guy on House reminscent of Road House? Also, my favorite parts of Bones are when Bones and Boreanaz bicker in the car — who said car chatter is always dull?)

*It is my favorite procrastination tool. Besides, y’know, life, which hardly feels like procrastination.

6 thoughts on “Whoosh”

  1. I congratulate you for combining a Road House reference with an all time “that guy” David Morse. looking through his filmography, I’m blown away (Keanu Reeves influencing me!?!?!?) by all the stuff he’s done. Which is all to say….If you haven’t seen Indian Runner yet…. Do it.

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