Note to Airlines: You Suck

Delta just completely changed my entire itinerary to Vermont in January and, you guessed it, not for the better. Grrrrrrr. I guess I’ll call Orbitz and try and get it handled. And the airlines wonder why people hate them. Suddenly very glad I booked to arrive there a day early.

4 thoughts on “Note to Airlines: You Suck”

  1. Train to NYC, spend some time there, then take the Vermonter from Penn Station. You could probably travel first class for much the same cost and have the pleasure of seeing the landscape turn more seasonal. And trains can leave in a blizzard!
    I remember standing in the corridor of the sleeping car pulling out of Florence some years back, watching a dazzling electrical storm, at which point an American guy said, “Bet you’re glad you’re watching it from down here, not up there”.

  2. Hey Gwenda, I might be able to find A green VW Bus take up there. They always did well for me. Forget flying!!
    Hope your well. Blair (the departed Van)

  3. Kevin: I wish I’d had that idea before. I’ll definitely do that at some point over the next couple of years. The Vermonter looks excellent. Duly noted. As it is, I had to trade my blissful direct flight for twisted one-change ones, but the times work out better.

  4. We’ve taken the Vermonter down to NYC more than once; it’s a very comfortable ride. On one trip, the conductor (or whatever they call them these days) was reciting Emily Dickinson over the loudspeaker as we passed Amherst.
    Hope there’s a chance to see you when you’re up here in January.

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