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Locus lists notable SF books coming out between now and Sept. 07. Just browsing the list I can’t wait for: Paul Park’s The White Tyger; several Liz Hand titles, but most especially Generation Loss; Caitlin Kiernan’s Daughter of Hounds; Tricia Sullivan’s Sound Mind; Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box; Holly Black’s Ironside; Elizabeth Knox’s Dreamquake; Emma Bull’s Territory; William Gibson’s Spook Country; and, really, a bunch more that I’m too lazy to list.

It’s going to be a very good year for fiction.

So, what are y’all looking forward to?

7 thoughts on “Future Book Lust”

  1. Hmm, things I’m looking forward to include: Tim Pratt’s Hart & Boot & Other Stories; Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box; Hal Duncan’s Ink; China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun (of which I have TWO copies of the ARC); Ken MacLeod’s The Excution Channel; Richard Morgan’s Thirteen; and that spelling-bee anthology that Bantam is publishing in May called Logorrhea (which is suspiciously not on their list).
    John Klima

  2. I’ll second the Duncan and the Hill. I’m a little iffy about MiĆ©ville’s newest, although I’ve been hearing nice things so I may end up reading it. I’d also add Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union and Ian McDonald’s Brasyl.

  3. At this rate? Getting my copy of Map of Dreams.
    The new Cecil Castellucci. The new Patricia Briggs. Mostly just trying to burn through my backlog, though.

  4. The Chabon(finally!) and Daughter of Hounds (I’m promising myself that I will be strong enough to read this one) and the Mieville (maybe). And of course Justine Larbalestier’s Magic’s Child.
    And I’m also looking forward to winning the lottery so I will have time off to read all I have lying around (still haven’t read Shriek! for shame!), and all the re-reads I want to do (kavalier & Clay, Tom Jones, Middlesex, Anansi Boys). And writing… Oy gewalt. Time, time.

  5. Brasyl; Heart-Shaped Box; Sound Mind; Sixty Days and Counting, Kim Stanley Robinson; The Modern World, Steph Swainston. Which is a good list, but I’m sure is not as many as I had my eye on this time last year. Where are the short story collections?

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